Only 6 Exclusive Lots for Sale on Private Dead End Street in East Delray Beach
 Custom Home Building Partnership with Marc Julien Homes

 Brand New Custom Homes 
East of 95 in North Lake Ida
Delray Beach, Florida

Contemporary Homes Featuring 
Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Lots Starting at $500,000 
Pre Construction Pricing Opportunity

This unique collection signifies Marc Julien Homes' ongoing commitment to building sustainable, luxury communities defined by exceptional craftsmanship and refreshing architectural beauty.
  • Build a once in a lifetime investment                                                               
  • Partner with an expert team of professionals with a distinguished reputation
  • Build and live in the home of your dreams                                                        
The "DREAM TEAM" of luxury home building and interior home design 
will guide you to build you the HOME OF YOUR DREAMS!! 

When you purchase a piece of property, you get the Clive Daniel Home's team 
to assist you through the design process.

Marc Julien Homes + Clive Daniel Home 
Pineapple Road, Delray Beach, Florida

Why Delray Beach is the Perfect Location for New Luxury Home Builds...

Delray Beach is a Great Investment
Property values in Delray Beach have risen 2.6% in the past year, and are set to rise another 3.2% in 2020, making Delray Beach not only a safe investment but one that could offer you a 3% rate of return for every year you live in and enjoy your luxury home. 

The market here has been steadily – but significantly – climbing since mid-2012, so it’s been a stable and growing market for almost a decade.

Delray Beach is an Incredible Place to Live
Delray Beach is home to beautiful beaches, swimming and tennis clubs, and some of the best golf clubs in Florida. 
 In town, you’ll find top restaurants, art galleries, bistros and wine bars, local performances, and museums. 
You can also easily dock your boat at a marina and set sail whenever you want.

Make Pineapple Road in Delray Beach your home..

Close to the Beach   

Enjoy the restaurants and shops on The Ave  

Walk, Bike, Golf Cart Everywhere in Town  


You have a unique opportunity to purchase a spacious and private lot 
on this all new dead-end street and build a brand new custom home.

Starting at $500,000

 Delray Beach is one of the coolest beach towns in South Florida..
"Casual Beach Living" for those who love the finer things but still love their flip flops!

How the process works..

  • Pre-Construction Sale. Lots starting at $500,000
  • Choose your Custom Home style                                  
  • ​Interior design with the Clive Daniel Home's design team
  • ​Build your dream home with Marc Julien and his committed team        
  • ​Get ready to move to the heart of Delray Beach!

Suggested Floorplans, Styles, Home Specs & Designs 

These are simply suggestions and inspirations..
all floorplans and details of every home can be customized to fit your desires and needs.

You will have the opportunity to design your Custom Home with the award winning design team at Clive Daniel Homes.

  • Mid-Century Inspired Contemporary designed homes 
  • Modern style is weaved with warm lines, creating sophistication and comfort 
  • Form-meets-function with an airy, open concept embracing the indoor-outdoor lifestyle
  • Heightened ceilings & bright glass beckon natural light
  • ​Modern twist on Florida living

"Coconut Zero" - Lot 7 - Spec Home 
111 Coconut Road

Pre Construction: $1,899,999

Lot 1 = 10,529 sqft    

Lot 2 = 9,598 sqft   
Lot 3 = 9,577 sqft   
 Lot 4 = 9,556 sqft    


Lot 5 = 10,337 sqft  
Lot 6 = 10,372 sqft  


Check out the videos and testimonials of Marc Julien Homes recently completed 
Townhome Collection in Delray Beach.....

We have done the real estate homework and have acquired land that will 
give each one of the 7 home buyers a great value on the land acquisition 
plus a fully customized home design of your dreams.  

You will have the ability to customize all of the details 
of your new home and get exactly what you want

 You will get the best possible value on the purchase of the land, the home, 
and the professionalism and expertise of Marc Julien and his team

When you build a custom home you get everything you want 
instead of having to compromise on things that you really want

"Commitment to Perfection"

When we build your house, we take the time to understand your needs, your desires, and your lifestyle. 
This ensures that we are able to provide you with a home that seamlessly integrates into your life.

By working with Marc Julien Homes, you benefit from our creative methodology, drawings coordination, value engineering, quality workmanship, sustained manpower and concise construction schedule.

We work relentlessly from design development to the conclusion of construction. 
Drawing coordination between all your construction documents, 
so that we can reduce your exposure to costly change orders and construction delays.

Your home will be built to the highest standards possible.

Our commitment to perfection applies.

Here are some of Marc Julien Homes'  "Testimonials" from Custom Home Build Clients....

So Here's The Bottom Line With Pineapple Road in the heart of Delray Beach..

You get an incredible value on the acquisition of a private lot on the all new dead-end street in Delray Beach. 
Then you get the opportunity to work with Marc Julien and his dedicated team.  

You will have the ability to choose every detail for the home while working with Clive Daniel Homes' designers 
to create and build the home of your dreams. 

This is an offer that will not last long, and more importantly may not come around again!

Purchase a lot now and secure the pre-construction lot price of $500,000...

Step #1: The Land
We purchased the entire plot of land, and are able to offer the lots at a savings to you!
Lot Purchase Price: $500,000

Step #2: Customized Home Build with Marc Julien Homes
Marc Julien Homes is the premier custom home builder in South Florida. 
Successfully building over 65 homes in 10 years transforms experience into expertise.
Estimated Home Build Cost: $1,000,000

Here's How To Start Building Your Dream Home Now
Go ahead and click the "I Want To Build My Dream Home" link now, 
and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! 
So, let's get started right now!

Here are some videos of Custom Homes built by Marc Julien Homes.....

Marc Julien Homes is a luxury builder with a unique ability to transform a client’s vision into a magnificent self-expression of architecture and interior design.
Marc Julien has grown to complete 65 homes worth close to $200,000,00 in only 10 short years. Successfully building over 65 homes in 10 years transforms experience into expertise.

Marc Julien Homes' commitment to perfection 
is prevalent in each and every home built.

Every minute you wait means another buyer is getting first choice at the 
7 available private lots on the newest dead-end street in East Delray Beach. 

 Take action now, choose your lot, and start making your custom home dreams come true..

Act now before all of the lots are gone!

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